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2 months after baru nk citer pasal honeymoon…

actually we have 3 version of honeymoon; pre-honeymoon, honeymoon v1, honeymoon v2. over? yeahhhh i know..dont envy me ok. muaaahahahahah…

okey this is my first honeymoon with my darling hubby. i already posted a few photos in friendster. what can i say? was so excited! mestilah.

The place is Genting Highland! huahahha…nothing much to share cuz i know lots of people already been at genting. and guess what? its raining heavily up there..kahkahakah….so we just walking, chitchatiing, having gud fud, play indoor games and took photos. outdoor was closed bcoz bad weather.

our 2nd honeymoon at Awana Kijal, Terengganu 🙂 basically we doing the same activities like took photos, jalan2 tepi pantai. i love  sea breeze so much!
i love makan time too! we decided to have seafood  for our dinner. Darling hubby make a reservation at  a stall known as Warung Ikan Bakar Awang, Cherating which is located not far from Club Med and the Turtle Sanctuary. the food there was just marvellous.seriously marveles!!

chilli crab was cooked in eggs and quite watery and it wasn’t hot and spicy.

1 huge squid – Crunchy butter, springy squids.. nyummm..nyummmm

we had the ikan kerapu masak tiga rasa

& tomyam

we ate so many fud! can’t believe it…

As wedding gift, ibu & abah gave us * (secret) in cash for our honeymoon spending money.phewwww!!! the most outstanding gift..hehehhe….but still not decide where to go…any recommendation? anyone?

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