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Hi all, how’s the holiday? Me? Staying at home, surfing, watching tv and movies with honey. Just like that.

Okey, sebab ader request dari beberapa orang untuk review pasal macbook baru, so here it is… actually da dekat 3 minggu pakai macbook.. ni baru nak tulis review...

I’m not a professional for writing a review, esp gadget review, never done that before. So I’ll tell what I think.


MacBook 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


160GB SATA 5200rpm HDD

NVidia GeForce 9400M 256MB Memory (shared)

13.3-inch LED backlit glossy widescreen display, 1280×800 px native resolution


The new precision aluminum unibody is very nice and elegant, and also provides a very sexy looks. Normally u find a conventional notebook consists of different parts and attached together into one full body but the word “unibody” speaks for itself. Carved from a piece of aluminum into one beautiful frame, the only one that holds the components together inside.

Flip the body upside down, the bottom is very clean and simple. Only one clip to unlock the battery and hard drive cover. and eight more screw, u get to access the memory.

Video pasal aluminum macbook kat sini.


The new LED backlit display is very nice. Luv it. Sharp. Clear. Vibrant. Many people find the glossy display would be very troublesome. For me, if u are using inside the building, then it would be no problem. When you go out for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and looking into your own eyes while you surfing, that’s a problem. I find this minor issue though; just find a place that doesn’t reflect the surrounding behind you. And it is advised to not put the screen protector on the display, since the heat blows underneath the display, and eventually will affect the protector.


walaupun terletak bawah keyboard, tapi bunyi dier, perhhhh! i just love the sounds, crisp and clear. tengok citer sound set full speaker tak pecah pon.


tak berat sangat pun. b4 nie my laptop berat dekat 3kg. seriously nak patah bahu ni duk pikul kehulu kehilir. sekarang nie ringan gile. siap bole bawak g jalan2 kat alamanda. tade hal!


ya ampun, sangat bes giler!!!!! terasa macam ajaib pulak melihat tangan nie begitu laju menaip tanpa sebarang kesilapan. jari jemari sangat selesa. seriusly!!!! nak menangis terharu rasenyer. tapi awal2 nak biasakan diri jugak sebab keyboard apple lain ngn keyboard windows, tapi sehari dua pakai da pandai da, hihi. walaupun kekadang carik jugak button page-up page-down kat laptop ni. yang penting i got to say good bye to Ctrl+Alt+Del. 😛


apple eliminated the conventional trackpad like in previous macbooks, combined both button and the trackpad itself. sekarang tinggal one single touch sensitive trackpad and the whole trackpad is also the button. for me, it is very useful, using up to 4 fingers during navigation.

1 finger : to move the cursor, selection

2 fingers : same as right click button, to rotate pictures

3 fingers : navigate forward and backward in finder/iphoto

4 fingers : expose, show desktop, same as command+tab

Track Pad Preferences


So far, takde performance issue. all applications running smoothly. baru je tadi install Adobe Photoshop CS4 (2GB  space tuh!), loading pon kejap je, tak sampai 10 saat da abih load. tak tau la kalo itu lambat sebab selama ni dok pakai kat windows xp lambat sket nak load, itu photoshop yang version zaman paleolitik dulu tu. zaman tuh takde CS lagi tu.

tapi tadi try record action untuk resize, pastu try buat batch picture resize dalam 150-200 keping jpeg files, tiap2 keping tu 5MP nye size, kipas processor bunyik jugak, means that the CPU time was being use quite a lot. sebab kalo pakai biasa je tak dengar pon bunyi kipas tu bunyi.

try benchmark pakai XBench 1.3, dpt score 125.41. ok la tu.


xbench results

Cover Flow

Apple introduces coverflow navigation in finder, just like in iTunes. ok jugak, leh tengok thumbnail each file tu dengan coverflow, tapi for me yang paling best sebab dapat preview any files, by pressing Spacebar and the file will be previewed, either documents, music, videos etc. press space bar skali lagi dia stop preview.


Apple claimed this new macbook will last 5 hours with wireless usage. try charge full and then pakai tanpa sambung power cable. sambil buat keje2 lain, wireless on, the notebook lasted about 4 jam 45 minit. lebey kurang la tu.

Keyboard yang sangat mantap

Niela keyboard yang sangat mantap tue..beserta trackpad.


apple yang menjadi idaman kalbu suatu ketika dulu.. tapi kini ada di depan mata. yeay..




kesimpulannya, nikmat tak terkata 🙂

mmg WORTH IT la wa cakap sama lu!!!!

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