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Fuhh!fuhh!fuhh! Sesak nafasku sebentar. Korang…saya sangat gembira nieh. Saya menang percutian!!!! (sambil melompat-lompat kegirangan). Yeeeaaaaayyyy! Boleh pergi honeymoon lagi dengan darling dear. Awana Kijal lagi pun takperlah! Sangat gembira nieh!! Niela pertama kali menang percutian..Syukur alahamdulillah…

1st Prize:
3 days 2 nights stay at Awana Kijal
for 2 persons with breakfast

To Awana Hotes & Resorts, thank you very-very-very-very much!!! Mwaahhhhhhhh!


Thanx you for those yang memberi komen-komen mantap! Cayalahhh korang.. 🙂

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Fantastic beaches, refreshing highlands and spa retreats let you truly get away from it all..and they are all right here in Awana! For a cool break, Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort lets you escape from city heat. For island adventure, Awana Porto Malai Langkawi offers island shopping, canoeing and eagle feeding.   As for me, i choose to relax at the beach. So I went to Awana Kijal as part of my honeymoon. Since the piggy bank didn’t allow for the blue skies of the Caribbean or the Bahamas, we decided to settle our honeymoon for something a little closer to home: Terengganu. After all, what could be better than a paradise island where the people are warm, the beaches clean. With a  wide selection of resorts and hotels to choose from, finding a cosy retreat on the island is not a problem. And Awana Kijal, a luxurious five-star resort destination and the perfect haven to  soothe our body and mind, is a great choice.

We decided to check into Awana Kijal for 1 nights. When we arrived, first impression about the lobby was impressive. It was big, comfy and  also the staff were friendly. We booked Deluxe room beforehand, because it was a school holiday season, the room absolutely will be packed with visitors, either foreigners or locals. However, when we got to the check in counter, we were little shocked when the staff told us that our reservation had been canceled! That was because darling dear forgot to put his credit card (which he did not have any :P) number during the booking. The friendly and helpful staff said to us not to worry, and fortunately there was an available deluxe room for us, phew!

The room is just as luxurious. This room faces the majestic South China Sea. A place with tranquility that you do not find in the city, huh? A lovely spacious room, excellent beds, good pillows and the bathroom was equipped with a bath, separate shower and toilet, everything spotless clean. Different little touches like sitting in the bath, open sliding doors (a cute window actually) and  pssssttt….i can now laze in the tub  with darling dear and watch TV really add to the charm! hihihi….

The evening we had a walk to remember. Holding hand and walking along the beach. A great beach for relaxing. The beach is nice. Soft powdery sands.


This resort has Taman Sari Royal heritage Spa which provides Javanese theme experience. Because it’s over budget, so what can i do is just snap a picture in front of the spa and pretending i have a spa!  muahaaa.. Awana Kijal also has a giant olympic size pool! and also giant chess.! U will get exciting playing with this chess.



The next morning we had our breakfast at The Kampung Meraga Beris restaurant. The restaurants are simple but the food is excellent. Breakfast is absolutely fantastic with Terengganu dishes like Nasi Dagang, Kari Ikan Tongkol, Serunding, Lemang and so on. Before leaving, we walked around after breakfast and managed to get a few landscape shots.



jeti awana

If i have chance, i want to go to Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi for second honeymoon with darling dear.

Guys, don’t worry because rooms at the Awana only cost between RM280 and RM380 per night for a deluxe room.  It’s worth checking with the hotel to see if there are any promotional packages. So visit  http://www.awana.com.my. for more details. .If you’d like to know anything else, then please drop a comment.

So, what are you waiting for? Be mesmerised, relax, dream and rejuvenate at this resort, which has wide sandy strip of beach in a state well known for its natural beauty and rich culture. For marriage made in heaven, there is one hideaway made for romance. And that’s the Awana Kijal Beach, Golf and Spa Resort, where know how to please you as you celebrate a life together. Awana Kijal, Terengganu, a place where the wonders of nature harmonise with luxury to create the perfect romantic experience.

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2 months after baru nk citer pasal honeymoon…

actually we have 3 version of honeymoon; pre-honeymoon, honeymoon v1, honeymoon v2. over? yeahhhh i know..dont envy me ok. muaaahahahahah…

okey this is my first honeymoon with my darling hubby. i already posted a few photos in friendster. what can i say? was so excited! mestilah.

The place is Genting Highland! huahahha…nothing much to share cuz i know lots of people already been at genting. and guess what? its raining heavily up there..kahkahakah….so we just walking, chitchatiing, having gud fud, play indoor games and took photos. outdoor was closed bcoz bad weather.

our 2nd honeymoon at Awana Kijal, Terengganu 🙂 basically we doing the same activities like took photos, jalan2 tepi pantai. i love  sea breeze so much!
i love makan time too! we decided to have seafood  for our dinner. Darling hubby make a reservation at  a stall known as Warung Ikan Bakar Awang, Cherating which is located not far from Club Med and the Turtle Sanctuary. the food there was just marvellous.seriously marveles!!

chilli crab was cooked in eggs and quite watery and it wasn’t hot and spicy.

1 huge squid – Crunchy butter, springy squids.. nyummm..nyummmm

we had the ikan kerapu masak tiga rasa

& tomyam

we ate so many fud! can’t believe it…

As wedding gift, ibu & abah gave us * (secret) in cash for our honeymoon spending money.phewwww!!! the most outstanding gift..hehehhe….but still not decide where to go…any recommendation? anyone?

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